Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A law of the universe is that as time passes people change.  Our interests, our desires, even our needs  change with us. In some cases we  change as a group growing closer and in others we change independently and grow apart.

I am sad to say that this blog has come to an end and so has the trouple that wrote it.  We had been a strong V relationship, that over time grew into a triangle, and then again back into a V.  Then over the last few weeks things have changed between Naivara and I.

I've felt the difference creeping on slowly between us.  Perhaps had I spoken up right away things might have gone differently but I didn't.   I could go in to more details about the events and the decisions that lead up to this but I don't think that the really matter or are anyone's business but our own.  In the end what matters is that we are no longer a trouple.  We are all still friends, just not in a relationship anymore.

  So with that said we are ending this blog.   Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the blog and commented either here, in person, or by messaging us on Fetlife.

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