Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A law of the universe is that as time passes people change.  Our interests, our desires, even our needs  change with us. In some cases we  change as a group growing closer and in others we change independently and grow apart.

I am sad to say that this blog has come to an end and so has the trouple that wrote it.  We had been a strong V relationship, that over time grew into a triangle, and then again back into a V.  Then over the last few weeks things have changed between Naivara and I.

I've felt the difference creeping on slowly between us.  Perhaps had I spoken up right away things might have gone differently but I didn't.   I could go in to more details about the events and the decisions that lead up to this but I don't think that the really matter or are anyone's business but our own.  In the end what matters is that we are no longer a trouple.  We are all still friends, just not in a relationship anymore.

  So with that said we are ending this blog.   Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the blog and commented either here, in person, or by messaging us on Fetlife.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Returning to the Ball

After almost 2 years away our trouple has returned to the Ball.  I know you've now had three posts in a row about the Ball, but it has been a big deal around our household the last couple of weeks.  So that means it is what is on our minds when we sit down to do things like blog.

So in case you don't know what the Ball is here is a quick rundown, if you already know skip this paragraph.   The Ball is Winnipeg's longest running and largest fetish event, I think it might also be the longest continuous one in Canada as well but I'm not sure.  Dress code is fetish wear, no fetish wear pay the gawkers surcharge an extra $40 on top of the ticket price.  I was heading out to keep tamale company while she smoked and I watched four guys at the door debate amongst themselves about paying the fee just to go in.  I'm not sure if they heading in our not in the end, but they were seriously considering it.

So we got there wandered around for a couple of minutes visiting with some friends both new and old.  One of the great things throughout the evening was watching how people who we knew had met at our place interacted and how their friendships had blossomed.    We browsed a few of the merchant tables but nothing was purchased, but it did generate a few fun ideas and hopefully some upcoming DIY projects.

In the dungeon things started off slow as they often do.  One couple went in and used the flogging post it was an old friend from tamile's childhood who had her back flogged into a lovely shade of red.  We waited till the Ball got a little busier and then I took tamile into the dungeon.  She loves a good audience the extra people really help to push her over the edge.  As you already readier birthday is in June and we had plans to celebrate.  I had put out the call to several Dom(me)s I know that it was her birthday and she was going to be available for spanks.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the birthday spanks. tamile covered it well, what I will add is a short list if those who were able to lend a hand (pardon the pun). As she wrote her post I did ask her if she was able name those who had come out, she was close but missed a few.

  • BabydollBBW 
  • The Oberon
  • Smokin_Stiletto
  • naivara (it was her first time ever spanking someone and she was so cute and tentative at it)

There were a few others who had wanted to take part but as tamile pointed out we timed out.  The dungeon is a shared space and we have monopolized a piece of equipment for a little over an hour.  I’m honestly debating inviting a few people over to the house so we can give her a good working over the night before her birthday.

After we were finished and she was unclipped from the bench.  tamile could barely walk, so we got her into a chair and moved to the side to free up the bench.  A little bit of tlc and attention later and I was able to help guide her from the dungeon area and outside to smoke.  The wonderful thing about the dungeon is the feel that goes along with both the audience and other people using devices.  Directly in front of me was a lovely short woman in a cage being touch and felt by men and women like. I could tell she was having a great time.  I had hoped to get a feel for her myself but she was done by the time was able to get back by the dungeon.  Behind me four of sets of Dom(me) and subs were at work on other devices.  There is just something about knowing you are not alone.

The rest of the night was a mix of dancing, visiting, and hanging out with friends new and old.  tamile was in a wonderful mood and heard from several people how much they enjoyed watching.  naivara was having a bit of a rough time, it was her first real Ball. Thankfully a past playmate of hers and mine was on hand and wasn’t in the best head space either.  The two of them were able to entertain each other and spent the better part of an hour making out.

In the end it was a great night for all of us, and I for one look forward to getting more and more involved in our local community.

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Birthday Ball

Posted by tamile.

So this past weekend we went to the Ball.  It was great amount of fun.  After we arrived at the ball and took some time to say hello to everyone we know both new and from when we were part of the community before hand.  We sat down near the dungeon and watched some people being flogged and spanked etc.  My Love and Master, told me i could go up for a cigarette and then i was going to get my birthday spankings.

So When i got back downstairs the usual bench that we like to use was occupied so we moved to a different one. i was a bit nervous as i knew that this was going to be a special birthday spanking as Master had arranged to have multiple people spank me.  I was a little nervous as normally at the Ball only Master and Master Brian spank me.

Master started the evening and warming me up with his hands and wearing gloves and the paddle, it felt wonderful and soon i was entering sub space and just floating on the feelings. i must admit i am not sure of all who spanked me (Master says he will edit to add who it actually was) but i do know that i was feeling wonderful.  In the end we actually were timed out of the dungeon.  i did not think that we were in there that long but it ends up that we were in there for close to an hour and a half.

Afterwards many people approached both Master and i and said how much they appreciated the show and watching me get my birthday spanks.

For me it was a great ball and i look forward to going back again and again and again.  Now if only it could be my birthday every time.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ball Worries

So, we have a local fetish event called The Ball. They happen every couple months at a local nightclub. Basically it's a nightclub with a dance floor, and they section off part of it to turn it into a dungeon. There's a strict fetish wear dress code.There's also a lot of rules in place for safety, it really is a very well run, and long-running, event

I've been to The Ball once. It was shortly after I met Daddy, and we hadn't yet started our DD/bg relationship. It was the Halloween Ball, which meant I was in costume, not fetish wear. The Halloween Ball is a great one to go to for first timers, but the regulars often don't like it because it brings out the "tourists". I spent the night dancing and hanging out with my friends, I didn't go anywhere near the dungeon.

Now, the June Ball is coming up, and the three of us are planning on going. I was really excited about getting my first "real" Ball experience, maybe even getting into the dungeon. Like Daddy said in his post, we've been hosting some events, and going out to others, in order to meet people in the community. This means we know more people who will be there, which should make me more comfortable. But, lately I've been having second thoughts about going to The Ball. Daddy told me the decision on whether or not I was going this time was up to me, but that I would be going to the next Ball, no matter what. I have a lot of body image issues, and when I tried on the outfit I planned on wearing and realized just how little it covered, I freaked out a little. Really, I'm as covered as I am in a bathing suit, but I have been told to be prepared to lose my top over the course of the evening. So that thought makes me a little uncomfortable.  It also happens to be tamile's birthday Ball. Because of this, Daddy will be spending some extra time with her in the dungeon. So, I thought I'd be more in the way than anything, but it turns out she wants me there to help with getting water and such. So, if I don't go, she'd be missing out too. So, I've made the decision that I am going, but I'm still nervous about it. I know I'm safe with Daddy and I trust him with my life, so why am I scared?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Small fetish events

All of our little trouple are organizers to one extent or another.  We love nothing more than having people over, introducing them to new things and having a good time all around.  Gatherings also make for a great excuse to clean the house, and as an added bonus by hosting parties it means we don't have to go out as often. You see secretly we are all hermits as well as organizers.

About two months ago we returned to Fetlife after a long absence. We saw that small events had started to become more common place in our local community.  I think this is a wonderful thing as they make for great community building events.  They give people the opportunity to meet other kinksters in a smaller more intimate setting, as opposed to some loud dungeon or massive event.  Speaking for myself I know I've met some wonderful people through these little events.

* A quick side note: I wrote the first draft of this in Notepad on my iPhone. As I typed in the word Fetlife my iPhone suggested the spelling if the word for me and even auto populated the word.  This struck me as funny; I think I've taught my iPhone to be kinky.

Since small events were more popular we announced that we would be hosting a Cards Against Humanity night.  If you've never played it Cards Against Humanity is the perfect combination of gaming, laughter, and kink for a BDSM crowd. You can find out more information and even download a PDF version of the game for free here.

Here is a quick rundown of how the game works.  There are black cards one person takes one from the centre pile and reads off.  Then the rest of the players all pass that person a white card from their hand. Picking the card that they think will get the best laugh or the one the best fills in the blank on the black card.  The person who read the original card reads all of the ones handed in out loud to everyone and picks a winner.  The winner gets the black card for scoring.

Black card examples:

  • Why is mommy Crying?
  • Only two things in life are certain Death and *BLANK*
  • What do Old people smell like?
  • In Michael Jackson’s final moments he thought about?

White cards examples:

  • A drive by shooting
  • An upper cut
  • The milk man
  • Tentacle porn
  • Penises kissing
  • Sean Connery
  • Friction
  • Two midgets shitting in a bucket

So, all of this together means that you are playing cards and putting together combinations of cards that might make the average person feel uncomfortable. With our groups instead of feeling uncomfortable we were laughing our asses off.  The cards and the game are just a means to an end.  They help to relax people, to get them on the same page, and to get them talking.  Through the games I’ve gotten to know a lot of new people and they have gotten to know me.

Now when the next major event comes along I’ll have friends who I can be there with.  That connection to others is often what makes any event so much greater.  In the end small events build friendships.  If you have to opportunity get out to the small events in your community.  Be aware of the dress code, and the rules of the group hosting the event.  They might differ from group to group.  Don’t be afraid of things like vetting (We’ll do a post about that at some point in the future) it is for everyone’s safety.

If you are fortunate enough to have the space and the ability to host events then take the plunge.  Maybe print up a copy of Cards Against Humanity and invite a bunch of people over to play.  Make it an Event on Fetlife, just be safe about it, for your sake and the sake of your guests.  If you do have an event be sure to comment and let us know how it went.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cable TV is Evil

Posted by tamile

So the group of us have just come back from doing two conventions in a two week period.  The were both Sci Fi/ Fantasy Conventions and both were a very good time.  But, that is not what this post is about.

You see for both conventions we were staying in hotels and of course the hotels had TV with cable. With my knee injuries I ended up spending more time in the room than normal (Usually we just fall down and sleep in our room between the fun activities at con)  So I got sucked into the bright shiny box with a vengeance.

We have not had cable in the house for almost three years and normally watch some netflix or download the shows we want to follow.

So normally our attachment to the bright shiny box is very limited and for myself when I am home alone I tend to listen to podcasts or the radio.

I realized that between the two weekends - I miss Cable TV.  Not just to see the shows that I download but also as a background noise generator/channel surfing.

Now I know that all the shows are done for the season but really that is not my point.  It was kinda fun to come into the hotel room and channel surf till I found something that caught my interest.

Now I know that we are not going to get cable (the service provider sucks and it is too damm expensive) and in a couple of weeks time I won't even miss it any more (most likely at least).

So My Love tells me that my next post needs to be about poly or BDSM or something related to that.

So I guess I better start thinking on that.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Daddy & I have been working on our list of rules together. Daddy wants me to be involved in setting the rules, not just have rules set by him for no apparent reason. All of the rules we came up with are meant to help me be a better person. Here's what we have so far:

Ask Daddy before eating any sweets
Ask Daddy before masturbating
Make my bed every morning
Brush my teeth before bed every night
Be up & out of bed by 10:30 every morning
Write in my journal every night
Track all my food & exercise in My Fitness Pal (an app on my iPhone used to track food & exercise for weight loss).

That's what we have so far, it's still a work in progress.