Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cable TV is Evil

Posted by tamile

So the group of us have just come back from doing two conventions in a two week period.  The were both Sci Fi/ Fantasy Conventions and both were a very good time.  But, that is not what this post is about.

You see for both conventions we were staying in hotels and of course the hotels had TV with cable. With my knee injuries I ended up spending more time in the room than normal (Usually we just fall down and sleep in our room between the fun activities at con)  So I got sucked into the bright shiny box with a vengeance.

We have not had cable in the house for almost three years and normally watch some netflix or download the shows we want to follow.

So normally our attachment to the bright shiny box is very limited and for myself when I am home alone I tend to listen to podcasts or the radio.

I realized that between the two weekends - I miss Cable TV.  Not just to see the shows that I download but also as a background noise generator/channel surfing.

Now I know that all the shows are done for the season but really that is not my point.  It was kinda fun to come into the hotel room and channel surf till I found something that caught my interest.

Now I know that we are not going to get cable (the service provider sucks and it is too damm expensive) and in a couple of weeks time I won't even miss it any more (most likely at least).

So My Love tells me that my next post needs to be about poly or BDSM or something related to that.

So I guess I better start thinking on that.

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