Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ball Worries

So, we have a local fetish event called The Ball. They happen every couple months at a local nightclub. Basically it's a nightclub with a dance floor, and they section off part of it to turn it into a dungeon. There's a strict fetish wear dress code.There's also a lot of rules in place for safety, it really is a very well run, and long-running, event

I've been to The Ball once. It was shortly after I met Daddy, and we hadn't yet started our DD/bg relationship. It was the Halloween Ball, which meant I was in costume, not fetish wear. The Halloween Ball is a great one to go to for first timers, but the regulars often don't like it because it brings out the "tourists". I spent the night dancing and hanging out with my friends, I didn't go anywhere near the dungeon.

Now, the June Ball is coming up, and the three of us are planning on going. I was really excited about getting my first "real" Ball experience, maybe even getting into the dungeon. Like Daddy said in his post, we've been hosting some events, and going out to others, in order to meet people in the community. This means we know more people who will be there, which should make me more comfortable. But, lately I've been having second thoughts about going to The Ball. Daddy told me the decision on whether or not I was going this time was up to me, but that I would be going to the next Ball, no matter what. I have a lot of body image issues, and when I tried on the outfit I planned on wearing and realized just how little it covered, I freaked out a little. Really, I'm as covered as I am in a bathing suit, but I have been told to be prepared to lose my top over the course of the evening. So that thought makes me a little uncomfortable.  It also happens to be tamile's birthday Ball. Because of this, Daddy will be spending some extra time with her in the dungeon. So, I thought I'd be more in the way than anything, but it turns out she wants me there to help with getting water and such. So, if I don't go, she'd be missing out too. So, I've made the decision that I am going, but I'm still nervous about it. I know I'm safe with Daddy and I trust him with my life, so why am I scared?

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