Monday, April 22, 2013

Dom of the Household

So in the intro post I referred to myself as the "Dom of the Household". It sounds really important and like I'm into total control of everything in the household. This couldn't be further from the truth in regular situations.

tamile and naivara both bring a great deal to the table when it comes time to make decisions about the running of the household.  I might be tamile's owner and Master but that doesn't change or diminish the life experience she brings to the table in running the household. The same can be said of my little naivara, she might love watching Dumbo but she has a lot of great ideas.

A prime example of this came after we made our first post yesterday.  I thought I'd be all fair and everything and have everyone roll a dice that would determine who would make the first post.   Before the dice had even hit the table it was announced that I would do the first post.  They had decided that as the Dom/Daddy the honour was to be mine.  Oh did I mention we are Canadian so we spell stuff with the letter U a lot.

So just being the Dom of the household doesn't mean I choose to wear the pants all the time.

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