Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Corner of the verse

Posted by tamile

So, we are all supposed to be making post on this blog.  My post was supposed to be up this past Sunday but I am late. (bad sub).  I have a pretty good excuse, two of them actually.

  1. I have badly screwed up my right knee and have spent a bunch of time in the hospital ER and the sport medicine clinic.
  2. I am trying to finish our costumes for the convention that we are going to this weekend in the states.
Well for number one the Dr's seem to have me on the right meds and i have crutches and a brace so I can move and function better.  I can't wait to see the specialist mid May.

As for number two I just have to finish Randilin's shirt and we will be ready.  (pics to follow after the convention)

So this is just a short post and I hope to get better and more consistent with my posts as we go.

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